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Our co-founders Madelyn and Gali started out working together at a media agency in Sydney’s CBD. Whilst there, they could not help but notice the extreme isolation experienced by those sleeping rough.  

“We realised that people wanted to help those experiencing homelessness but did not know where to start. Often people are uneasy about giving money as they do not know how it will be spent, meaning many experiencing homelessness ended up not receiving help. We also discovered that preconceived ideas and stigmas over what causes homelessness meant that some people did not want to help at all! Therefore, people ignored those living on the streets, increasing the amount of isolation they faced everyday. We knew we had to do something to help those suffering. So, came the idea to provide those experiencing homelessness with a beautiful gift that not only contained essentials but also a conversation to make them feel less alone.” 

Homelessness is multi-faceted and is not confined to those sleeping rough, so our co-founders knew that The Good Box also needed to establish relationships with homeless charities to provide boxes to those that aren’t as easily reached.

Fast forward four years since the idea was first conceived and now we help thousands of Australians experiencing homelessness receive beautiful boxes with first hand quality items. 

The boxes are a vehicle to an important conversation which can help some of the most isolated people in our society to be more likely to seek and accept assistance. 

We also provide school and corporate engagement programs to educate staff and students on the important social issue of homelessness so that we can empower others to help our friends in the homeless community

Gali Blacher

Gali Blacher has a degree from UNSW in Communications and Journalism and worked as  a Journalist/Editor for a number of years before starting The Good Box at just twenty-three.

Gali has always been an active member of the community and volunteered for many homelessness organisations before starting her own.

Madelyn Jones

Madelyn Jones attended Griffith Uni where she received a degree in Events and Business. She then worked as an Events Manager for a number of years before establishing The Good Box at the young age of twenty-two.

Maddy is also an avid sports player and has played netball since she was a young girl.


Gali Blacher
Madelyn Jones
Ange Boyd
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