Help people experiencing homelessness this winter!

Boxes for hope

The Good Box is an Australian charity and social enterprise dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness receive vital resources with dignity.

We’re on a mission to abolish misconceptions surrounding homelessness to prevent isolation and increase communication. We provide beautifully packaged boxes to those experiencing homelessness. These boxes are filled with quality, essential items such as food and hygiene products to help those experiencing homelessness get through some tough times. Through donating to The Good Box, you can help someone in need and brighten their day with dignity!

Get educated on homelessness

Our engagement programs for school and corporates aim to remove the stigma around homelessness, educate and connect.


The number of people experiencing homelessness in Australia (ABS, 2022).


The rate at which homelessness has increased over the past five-years (ABS, 2021).


The number of Good Boxes gifted to people experiencing homelessness.

our mission

The Good Box is more than just about handing out beautiful gifts, it’s about facilitating positive conversations and helping to restore dignity to those who are doing it tough.

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