Your items should arrive at your chosen address in 2-3 weeks. Please note there may be delays during this time due to nationwide shipping issues.

For hoodies purchased during the Winter Bundle, please allow 6 weeks for processing.

If you opted for the box to go to a charity, the box/s will go to the charity who needs it most at the time.

If you’d like to know more about where your boxes went and the impact your purchase made, please see the list of charity partners.

Boxes are packed at our warehouse in Brisbane by our Good Box team and then sent off to charity partners or individuals to distribute to those in need. Boxes are also packed at corporate and school programs. See below for information on volunteering to pack boxes.

The items inside the boxes have been chosen by those who have experienced homelessness/hardship in the past and our team of researchers. While we don’t swap items in the boxes around, items are updated regularly and we are always keen to hear thoughts from those experiencing homelessness.

Gift certificates are now created by YOU, follow the prompts when you are buying the box to create your own gift certificate for a loved one.

Yes! We are an ACNC registered charity, and a social enterprise.

Our purpose is to do good and help those who need it most. We have a mission of abolishing stigmas surrounding homelessness and helping those who need it most. Basically, the more you use our services, the more people we can help! 

Also, all of our charity partners that we distribute boxes to are registered charities. 

Yes! As a registered charity, we have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status.

We have a wonderful corporate education packing program for corporates that allows staff to engage in the issue of homelessness as well as pack boxes for those doing it tough. Program can be done virtually or face to face. Programs are in partnership with charity Orange Sky Australia. Please see here for more information on costs and what’s involved.

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The hoodie will be sent to you, for you to wear proudly. The hoodie is sent to your shipping address. The Winter Box will be sent by The Good Box team to a charity that needs it most (these boxes include a hoodie for the recipient). 

Underneath your box on your order form it will say 'Donate a box to our charity partners'; this means The Good Box will be sending the box on your behalf to a charity partner – it will not go to your home. If it does not say this and it says it is a 'direct order', you can change your order by emailing

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