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Helping Hands Project

This program provides you with everything you need to run a box packing event from your office, anywhere in Australia. You will be provided with program content, the iconic Good Boxes, some items, with your team supplying the rest of the items (listed below), and most importantly, we will provide materials for the letter writing activity which will be packaged as a gift with each Good Box.

Participants will learn about homelessness and poverty and the real-life facts behind individuals and families finding themselves homeless. They will find out practical solutions to combat social isolation and feel directly connected to a person currently in that position.

How it works

We have found the best way to get your team feeling connected to the process is to supply some items for the boxes yourself. The types of items will depend on the date of your event so it aligns with our fundraising campaign at that time. For example: Winter appeal = jumpers, lip balm, socks etc.

The Good Box will supply the iconic box, blank notes and some other items. If you cannot supply some items, please let us know so we can provide you with other options.

At the end of this session, Good Boxes are distributed to our charity partners, based on need, location, and opportunity.

Our Charity Partners distribute the gift boxes into the hands of people experiencing homelessness, which predominantly includes Men, women, youth, victim survivors of domestic violence, First Nations People and many more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a small charity with limited resources. Before enquiring, please make sure you have a budget and a rough date in mind to partake in this program. This program has been created as an innovative way for our charity to fundraise to provide vital resources for people in need. If you do not have a budget, or a low budget, we have many other ways for you to work with us.

Key Benefits

Learn the complex ins and outs of homelessness

Defeat damaging misconceptions

Fosters a culture of collaboration and empathy

Critical thinking skills

FUN and educational

Build relationships and network

Giving back to your local community

Create real impact – SROI

Donation Cost

Please get in touch to discuss