You will receive an email straight away thanking you for your amazing kindness! You will be automatically signed up to a newsletter (which you can opt out at any time) where we will update you monthly on the impact of the boxes.

Boxes are packed at our warehouse in Brisbane by our Good Box team and then sent off to charity partners or individuals to distribute to those in need. Boxes are also packed at corporate and school programs. See below for information on volunteering to pack boxes.

If you choose for the box to be sent to your home, then you can give the box directly to someone in need. But remember to always use common sense when doing so. If you opt for the boxes to be sent to our charity partners, then we pack the boxes in our warehouse in Brisbane with our Good Box team and send them off to our charity partners to distribute them to those in need.

Your box will be sent to one of our charity partners listed here. We make sure boxes go to the charity that needs it the most. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our newsletter as we send updates monthly of where boxes have gone.

We don’t operate as a registered charity, instead we are a social enterprise! Just like a charity, our purpose is to do good and help those who need it most. However, we don’t rely on donations like a charity does, rather we rely on goods and services being sold in order to fulfill our mission of abolishing stigmas surrounding homelessness and helping those who need it most. Basically, the more you use our services, the more people we can help! 

All of our charity partners that we distribute boxes to are registered charities. 

Head to our ‘get involved page’ and click the link to the ‘Volaby’ program and follow the prompts! At this moment we are only taking Brisbane volunteers but if you are from another city and want to volunteer, please email

Yes they can but they will need to have a guardian or parent as a supervisor and fill in a liability consent form.

We have a wonderful corporate education packing program for corporates that allows staff to engage in the issue of homelessness as well as pack boxes for those doing it tough. Program can be done virtually or face to face. Programs are in partnership with charity Orange Sky Australia. Please seeherefor more information on costs and what’s involved.

No. As a social enterprise we do not have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status.

Yes we do! We are currently operational in all states besides NT and ACT.

The items inside the boxes have been chosen by those who have experienced homelessness/hardship in the past and our team of researchers. While we don’t swap items in the boxes around, items are updated regularly and we are always keen to hear thoughts from those experiencing homelessness.