The Good Pet Box

The Good Pet Box

The Good Pet Box is made in partnership with The Petbarn Foundation in order to help our furry friends who’s owners are experiencing homelessness.

What's inside?

– Dog food
– Dog treats
– Collar
– Poo bags
– Worming medicine
– Toy
… and much more!

Items can change depending on the need of our friends experiencing homelessness.

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$21.99 each
$21.99 each
$21.99 each
$21.99 each
Please write a personal message for the person receiving your Good Box.
We will handwrite it for you!
Donate a box to our charity partners

We provide Good Boxes to many amazing charities who distribute the boxes to those in need.

See our full list of charity partners.
Give a box directly

Buy a box and get it delivered to your home or work place. Give this box directly to someone in need or experiencing homelessness and spark up a life-saving conversation.

Commit to ongoing giving

Signup to The Good Subscription and make a commitment to providing Good Boxes every month.

Every box
Makes a difference