Goodie Box

Goodie Box

Goodie Boxes are for any person experiencing homelessness. 

The Goodie Box is beautifully designed by a local artist which illustrates a true and powerful story of ‘Debbie & Joshua’ (names have been changed for privacy reasons). This story shows that homelessness is multifaceted and can happen to anyone at any time.

What's inside?

– Face towel
– Baby wipes
– Notebook & Pen
– Muesli bars x2
– Baked beans
– Fruit cup
– Toothbrush and Toothpaste
– Lip balm
– Surprise item: could be a cinema voucher, groceries voucher or a book
– Contact card with charity details

Items can change depending on the need of our friends experiencing homelessness.

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$27.99 each
Please write a personal message for the person receiving your Good Box.
We will handwrite it for you!

Every box
Makes a difference

Donate a box to our charity partners

We provide Good Boxes to many amazing charities who distribute the boxes to those in need.

See our full list of charity partners.
Give a box directly

Buy a box and get it delivered to your home or work place. Give this box directly to someone in need or experiencing homelessness and spark up a life-saving conversation.

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